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Now that summer is coming to an end and all those holiday adventures have turned into a distant memory, it is time to face reality, look at the mirror and realize that the glowing and tanned skin (that seemed so cool a week ago) is now giving way to an uneven, dehydrated and tired looking skin.

During summer, our skin is exposed to a great deal of external aggressions such as sun, chlorine, salt, wind, sand, etc.  We normally spend more time outside at the beach, swimming pool or mountain, and all these environments reflect the sun rays making our skin more vulnerable to sunburn, sunspots and photoaging. So, even if you have been very careful and have properly protected yourself with sunblock, it is a good idea to take extra care of your skin at this point of the year and boost its recovery.


The most important step of your daily skin routine is to choose the appropriate products for your skin type and condition and, of course, be constant!

  • Remember the importance of cleansing the skin every morning and night before applying your serum and cream.

Facial cleansing is essential for all skin types, just choose the right one for you here.

  • Use a serum before applying your day cream.

Help your skin to eliminate those damaging free radicals which, induced by sun exposure, accelerate the skin aging process. To that end, we suggest using Epigen 180 Antiox Serum.

If what you need is to combat hyperpigmentations and uneven skin tone, Epigen 180 Pigment Defense Serum is the one for you.

  • Never skip your Day/Night creams.

It is a must to moisturize your skin and protect it from free radicals and cell oxidation every day throughout the whole year to slow down the skin aging process, your skin and face will always thank you for this!

Choosing the right one is quite tricky because the options nowadays are endless, so for this post-summer recovery program we recommend you these two:

In the morning apply Epigen 180 Urban Day Cream SPF20 whose epigenetic actives will protect your skin from free radicals, pollution and UV radiation while also moisturizing it. At night, hydrate your skin in depth with INNO-DERMA® Skin Repair.

We recommend following this regime for 1 or 2 months before going back to your usual skin routine.


A good way to recover your skin after summer is to peel it off and get a new and brighter one.

Controlled chemical exfoliations can reduce the signs of aging and photoaging, improve skin texture and help to even the skin tone. Innoaesthetics has a complete line of chemical exfoliations that treat different skin concerns, they are soft and safe but highly effective.

To boost skin post-summer recovery we recommend INNO-EXFO® Glyco-Age that contains mandelic and glycolic acids, among others, and not only renews the skin but also boosts its hydration.

However, always listen to the advice of your skin specialist and remember that controlled chemical exfoliations must always be performed in-office by a professional.


Intradermal therapies allow the active ingredients pass through the stratum corneum and be delivered in the deepest layers of the skin treating and nourishing it from the inside, so their effects are faster and stronger than those of topical therapies.

If you are in good hands, an intradermal treatment with hyaluronic acid could be the best way to balance the moisture level of the skin. This extraordinary molecule is compatible with most skin types and has a strong ability to retain moisture, effectively helping your skin to recover from the harsh summer weather and making it look flawless and supple.

There are many other ingredients and combinations that can repair your skin, but as all intradermal therapies must be performed in-office by a professional, you should let your specialist give you the professional advice according to your skin type and condition.

An intradermal therapy or a chemical exfoliation reinforced by an appropriate daily skin routine will definitely make your skin glow again within days and be ready for a great and beautiful autumn season!

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