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With summer around the corner we need to recall some skin care routine constants in order to prepare our skin.

The most important step is keeping your skin clean. We must bear in mind that if the skin is not clean, the best treatment will fail. When the skin pores are blocked with dirt and pollution the active ingredients present in the creams, emulsions, lotions and/or mask are usually not properly absorbed by the skin making difficult to complete their mission of reaching the deepest skin layers and accomplish their actions. So, keeping the skin clean is essential to have a radiant skin without impurities and guarantee the efficacy of the treatments. In Innoaesthetics, we recommend you to use our Soft Cleanser, a powerful cleanser designed with actives that not only cleanse the skin but also protect the hydrolipidic film and the skin Ph in order to preserve the natural conditions of your skin. We recommend cleansing the skin twice a day; at morning in order to remove the secretions generated during the sleeping hours, and at night in order to remove the reminders of make-up and other impurities accumulated along the day.

Once you have cleansed your skin, we need to rebalance it and enhance turgor and tone. To that end we should spray Innoaesthetics’ NMF Tonic as the combination of its ingredients allows the regulation of the inner condition of the skin preserving it in proper condition and at optimal hydration level. Our tip: Use it always after having cleansed the skin and have properly rinsed the face having removed all the cleanser remainders but – important secret –  if  use it twice or three times more along the day your skin will remain firm and with a natural glow.

We cannot forget to moisture our skin and protect it from the sun during daytime, and there’s no better way than appliying Epigen 180 Urban Day Cream SPF 20 , a new concept in the cosmetic field developed by Innoaesthetics, which is a silky-textured cream that has a transforming power as it modulates the gens that are implied in the biological processes of skin aging and which also has moisturizer and regenerative long-term effects and protective properties against free radicals, oxidation, pollution and solar radiation.

However, if you are a very active person highly exposed to sun and UV radiation, you need reinforcement for solar protection. That is why we have products that protect your skin and which have been designed to satisfy the different needs of different skin types, normal skins, oily skins, or those that just desire not only protect but also improve skin appearance and even the skin tone; to achieve all these purposes we invite you to discover Coverage UVP 50+, which combines make-up, extreme protection and regenerative properties for all skin types.

At nights, after having cleaned and toned our skin, we should deeply nourish it by applying our Skin Repair whose combination of actives allows a powerful regulating effect as a response to free radicals, improves blood flow, controls skin renewal processes and preserves skin hydration and so it can work during the sleeping hours. We shouldn’t forget the eye contour, as it is a delicate area we should be specially attentive with it and that is why our Eye Revitalizer was created; it is composed by ingredients that improve the elasticity and firmness of the area, reduce liquid retention and the brownish-grey color helping the eye to recover a young and luminous look.

Besides all that, never forget that cigarettes, drinking too much coffee and other toxic elements are enemies for our skin. We also should take into account that a healthy diet is essential for a radiant and young-looking skin. You will feel much better if you eat enough fruit and vegetables and avoid fats and refined sugar, and that will definitely be reflected in your face.

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