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INNOAESTHETICS presents INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN, the only solution made of a high concentration of 100% synthetic exosome-like molecules.

Thanks to its new NARBEXTM biotechnology, the synthetic exosomes contained in INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN emulate the signaling biological qualities and capabilities of human mesenchymal cell-derived exosomes, not only matching their properties but enhancing them.

Breakthrough Technology

INNOAESTHETICS exosome-like molecule has been created thanks to a cutting-edge biotechnology called NARBEXTM (Non-Animal Regenerative Bioengineering Exosome), which allows the assembly of peptide chains in a specific way to replicate the active protein part of a biological exosome.

It is formulated and manufactured in our Laboratory in Barcelona, following strict European regulations.

INNOAESTHETICS cell signaling messenger

  • 4 Amino Acids for Collagen Production
  • 4 Amino Acids for Tissue Repair
  • 3 Amino Acids for Antioxidant Action
  • 5 Peptides as Biochemical Mediators
  • 2 Glycosaminoglicans for HA Production
  • Mannitol as Free Radical Scavenger


INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN is the only solution made of a high concentration of synthetic exosome-like molecules that establish intercellular communication bridges to enhance and activate skin cells. It restores essential skin tissue elements and remarkably regenerates the skin.

1 vial with lyophilized product

1 ampoule with saline solution


3 sessions at 21-day intervals.

Repeat this cycle every 6 months.

How to use

INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN can be reconstituted with the saline solution included.

Take the vial and the ampoule out of the packaging.

Break open the ampoule.

Draw the saline solution into a syringe.

Slowly pour the saline solution into the vial with the lyophilized powder.

Dilute the product by gently swirling the vial.

How to use


Clinically Proven Long-lasting Results

INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN efficacy was tested through a clinical trial involving 20 patients aged between 27 and 57 years. The results obtained were highly satisfying, surpassing all expectations.

Before & After

Before and after pictures of patients treated with INNO-EXOMA® EXO-SKIN for facial rejuvenation performed with Dermapen. The treatment comprised 3 sessions at 21-day intervals.

Patient 1

Significant improvement in skin texture and tone, with reduction of  hyperpigmentation and certain inflammatory lesions.

Patient 1

Improvement of the lesions and better vascularization.

Patient 1

Reduction of hyperpigmentations, showing a general decrease in melanin deposition.

Patient 2

These pictures show reduction of dark spots, evened skin tone and enhnaced texture.

Patient 2

A more objective demonstration of  reduction in melanin content after three sessions.

Patient 3

Notable improvement of a moderately hyperpigmented scar lesion, along with smoother skin.

Patient 3

Decrease in pigment deposition with greater uniformity of color across the skin.


Extensive experience in aesthetic medicine

Development and manufacture in our own laboratory

GMP Certificated company

Pure synthetic ingredients

Ethic and safe formula

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