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Technically known as the periorbital area, the eye contour is a part of your face that requires special attention as the skin is thinner and tends to age faster than other parts. The eyes are the window of the soul, and you don’t want them to be surrounded by wrinkles and saggy eyelids. Indeed, the aging of the eye contour is one of the most common reasons for aesthetic consultation worldwide.


It comprises the upper eyelids to the eyebrows and the lower eyelids to the upper part of the cheek.

As mentioned above, the skin in this region is significantly thinnerup to 10 times thinnerand much more fragile than in other body areas. It also has fewer oil glands, which means that it gets dehydrated and irritated more easily

Furthermore, the skin around the eyes is continuously moving for different reasons. You blink around 15 to 20 times per minute, 900 to 1.200 times per hour, and usually contract the muscles around the eyes to focus sight, when you cry, or when you laugh.


  • Crow’s Feet

The loss of collagen as we age plus the high mobility of the area around the eyes causes these fine line lines to appear.

  • Saggy Eyelids

Dryness and the reduced collagen and elastin synthesis that comes with age lead to a loss of firmness and skin sagging.

  • Dark Circles

Sun exposure in the area, irritation or swelling due to tiredness, lack of sleep, or dryness can lead to the appearance of pigmentation problems or dark circles. Give your eyes and the skin around your eyes a rest and sleep at least seven hours. Also, wearing sunglasses that cover and protect the eye contour helps to prevent not only dark circles but all aging signs in the area.

  • Nasojugal Groove or Eye Puffiness

Fluid retention or fat shifts can occur as the tissues and muscles that support your lower eyelids age and get weaker, giving place to under-eye bags or eye puffiness. Genetic predisposition and unhealthy habits like cigarettes, alcohol, and poor sleep play a role in their formation and worsening.

  • Under-eye hollows or Loss of Volume below the Eyes

With age, the fat pad under the eyes often drops a little which makes our eyes look tired and lose attractiveness.



Eye Contour Cream to Slow Down the Aging of the Periorbital Area

To prevent the aging of the eye contour, it is recommended to start using a good eye contour in your twenties the same way you moisturize and nourish the skin in the rest of your face. At that young age you can start using it three times a week and as you grow older, 30s, 40s, increase the frequency and use it every day. As you notice the first lines around the eyes, you will probably want to use it morning and night; it is a personal choice, based on how your skin responds and how feel about it.

Professional Treatments for Eye Contour Rejuvenation

If you have been applying your eye contour cream and protected the area from sun exposure before wrinkles appeared, you may have significantly slowed down the aging process. But even though, wrinkles will appear one day, and when it happens you need to combine your cream with something a little stronger that helps you renew your skin.

To that end, INNOAESTHETICS has developed a very soft peel adapted to the delicacy of the periorbital area, that effectively evens the skin tone, improves skin moisture and elasticity, blurs the existing wrinkles, and, more importantly, revitalizes the tissues. You can use it once or twice a year, and it must always be performed in-office by a professional.

Transdermal solutions are very effective to boost moisture, elasticity, and firmness in the eye contour area. There are several options, so you should ask your aesthetician which solution is the best for you.

Hyaluronic Acid Filler to Correct Volume Loss Around the Eyes

The mentioned-above products will help you prevent or delay eye puffiness and loss of volumes in the area. However, these volume alterations may eventually occur, and there is no better way to correct them than using a Hyaluronic Acid filler. Remember that HA fillers are your best choice and the safest, as the results look natural and are 100% reversible if necessary. 

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