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Nature has always had the remedy to a number of issues most people face. From food acting as an immunity booster to using the plants grown in the wild for healing diseases and treating injuries, there’s very little you won’t find in nature. Even the very thing that protects you from the world, your skin, can benefit from the plants growing freely on Mother Earth.

So much information exists about plants like aloe vera, thyme, and bay leaves, which we, Innoaesthetics, have incorporated into our products. However, this article explores one valuable life form, the fungus Tremella Fuciformis.

What is Tremella Fuciformis?

Scientists had to find a way to name the snow mushroom in a manner that won’t have them guessing what is being communicated. The snow mushroom may not be as famous as others such as shiitake and oyster mushrooms, but the benefits your skin will garner from them are worthwhile for your looks.

The snow mushroom is notable for being an edible member of the gelatinous mushroom type. It is so-called because it appears white to  pale yellow and has a striking resemblance to underwater corals in structure. This mushroom is mostly found in tropical or subtropical regions but may be found in temperate regions of the world.

Tremella Fuciformis was highly regarded by the Qing Dynasty in China, where it was named the silver ear mushroom. However, just across the Sea of Japan, the Japanese knew it as the white tree jellyfish. It’s so popular in Asian dishes to date because it is known to beautify the skin.

The Benefits of Snow Mushrooms

For over 2,000 years, women in China have been displaying smooth complexions and glowing skin all because of this unassuming mushroom. Even one Chinese historical figure from a collection known as the Four Great Beauties attributed her beautiful and youthful skin to this mushroom. But why?

1.    Skin hydration and wrinkle curtailment

One thing about the snow mushroom is that it is chock full of polysaccharides. These are anti-oxidants that work towards keeping your skin healthy through hydration. In addition, these polysaccharides are responsible for the mushrooms’ excellent water-retaining abilities. Imagine what this can do for your skin.

The snow mushroom is also notable for the great amounts of Vitamin D present in its composition. Vitamin D is responsible for promoting cell growth and repair. These two attributes are what help to keep the skin from aging prematurely.

2.    Plentiful anti-oxidants

The very polysaccharides responsible for water retention are also great at fighting off the effects of free radicals floating around your system. These free radicals are responsible for causing oxidative stress, which in turn is the main cause of cell and tissue damage, especially to your skin.    

As the antioxidants neutralize the free radicals, the cells in your body are protected from damage and premature death, which allows collagen to focus on repairing and fortifying the cells in your skin. It helps prevent your skin from sagging and forming wrinkles.

3.     Inflammation reduction 

Inflammation is a natural response to some types of injury and infection around the body. While it is a completely natural process, when it is persistent, it raises concerns as it leads to infection and even chronic illnesses.

The very same polysaccharides that help with the other processes also reduce and inhibit inflammation. It is not only behind common skin conditions such as acne but also respiratory illnesses, headaches, and more. Reducing it means protecting your skin from undue damage, which allows for quick repairs and cell growth to occur.

In Innoaesthetics we have developed INNO-EPIGEN® products made of unique combinations of epigenetic active ingredients that act on the biological mechanisms of the skin. They can minimize the expression of the genes responsible for skin aging to radically change the way we age.

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