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Formulations for facial cleansers have progressed considerably over the last years and have given rise to new products which are gentler to our skin and more suitable for specific skin conditions.

The latest advances in galenics have led to the development of new formulas that contain milder surfactants. Surfactants are the main constituents of most cleanser formulas and are also mainly responsible for their cleansing action. They are necessary to emulsify oil and dirt with water, but certain types in a certain amount has a bearing on the drying and irritancy potential of cleansers. *As surfactants are themselves a broad and complex topic, we will write a whole post about it very soon.

In addition to be less aggressive to the skin, nowadays most facial cleansers help to preserve the integrity of the skin barrier and maintain its natural moisture level. Moreover, to adapt them to specific dermatological disorders like acne, rosacea, photoaging, ‘sensitive skin’ or hyperpigmentation, new ingredients have been incorporated into their formulas.  Thanks to that, this new generation of cleansers can optimize the results of the therapeutic treatments applied in-office. MELINE® Gentle Foam is one of them.

MELINEGentle Foam




With 18 products, MELINE®the only brand specializing in the treatment of dark spots, provides dermatologists and beauty professionals a wide range of treatments formulated according to the type of hyperpigmentation (melasma, lentigines), skin phototypes (from I to VI) and the part of the body affected (eye contour, intimate areas, etc.).

Besides deeply cleansing and purifying the skin, MELINE® Gentle Foam reduces glycation and oxidative processes, thus contributing to establish the first steps to control the biochemical reactions that may stimulate the melanocyte.

It also reinforces cell-to-cell communication, thereby preparing intercellular spaces to improve the penetration of the actives of the treatments applied after its use.

In addition to its effectiveness, its foamy texture and creamy consistency is very pleasant.

MELINE® Gentle Foam can be use in your skincare routine to prevent uneven skin tone or as adjuvant of a depigmenting treatment.


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