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Tight buttocks, toned tights, long legs, thin waist and firm skin….We all wish to have a slender figure and look attractive in our swimwear, but the truth is that after long hours at the office, winter meals, stress, etc. most of us need to take extra care of our bodies before heading to the beach.

As we still need to wait a couple more weeks to put our bikinis on, and a little bit more for the well-deserved summer break, now is the right moment to detox our bodies from winter excesses.


To get the dreamy slim body, we need to fight three main problems that commonly alter our silhouettes:

  • Loose skin

As we age, our skin tends to get loose and lose elasticity provoking that unpleasant flabby appearance. It also occurs after a considerable loss of weight due to an excess of skin.

  • Localized fat

Fat accumulation in localized areas, mostly on thighs, hips, buttocks and belly.

We have different types of body fat: Visceral fat is the fat around our organs that can be the cause of certain diseases and which can only be reduced by exercise and diet. Subcutaneous fat, on the other hand, is less dangerous but more noticeable and more resistant to diet and exercise, so is recommended to treat it with aesthetics treatments.

  • Cellulite

Water retention and uneven fat deposits in the skin that looks like dimpled or bumpy skin -also called orange-peel or cottage-cheese skin. It mostly affects hips, buttocks and tights. Women are more prone to suffer it than men, affecting around a 90% of females after puberty. Despite common beliefs, it not only affects over-weight people, and even skinny individuals can suffer it.


Start with an in-office shock therapy that will provide fast results and encourage you to follow up at home. Remember that the follow-up is important to maintain the effects and get longer-lasting results.


TRANSDERMAL THERAPIES such as micro-needling, sonophoresis, iontophoresis or mesotherapy are minimally invasive and safe techniques that will reach deeper layers of the skin than topical treatments. They achieve optimum results in minimum time.

There is a wide range of solutions that can be applied by these delivery systems, such as:

Its ingredients act directly on the adipocyte to dissolve accumulated fat promoting its removal through urine. The whole treatment consists of 4 in-office sessions and the results are noticeable two weeks after the first session. It is recommended for the treatment of localized adiposity.

Induces lipolysis as it promotes the breakdown of fats and lipids, therefore achieving to release fatty acids and turn them into energy. Consists of 6 sessions performed in intervals of 7 days. Very effective for the treatment of cellulite.

Stimulates micro circulation and venous retour, thus achieving a lymphatic drainage. Consists of 6 sessions at intervals of 7 days. Ideal treatment to reduce water retention and improve cellulite.


This product is a pre-summer gem that treats these three problems (loose skin, localized fat and cellulite) at once. It acts on subcutaneous fat and water retention, helping to sculp the body silhouette while also improving skin texture, making it smoother and firmer. It can be applied day and night.

Among its active ingredients we find:

  • Caffeine and Silanol that work in synergy to promote breakdown of fat (lipolysis).
  • Brassica Alba Sprout Extract and Capsaicin, activate microcirculation, reduce water retention and stimulate “browning”, turning white adipocytes into active or brown ones that burn accumulated fat.
  • Maslinic acid and Dimethylaminoethanol (DMAE), that work directly in our dermis to improve skin firmness and

If you also need help to control your appetite, we suggest:

Nutricosmetic that helps to reduce appetite and accelerates fat metabolism.

The synergy of its actives increases lipolysis and reduces lipogenesis, thus contributing to reduce the storage of intraadipositary triglycerides, promoting weight loss.

Its formula contains, among others, Phosphatidylcholine, which effectively regulates lipids and lipoproteins metabolism; Garcinia cambogia that promotes lipolysis that transforms stored fat into energy; and L-theanine whose anti-stress effects help to calm appetite.

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