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Facing a new season after the summer break can seem a little hard but don’t let the post-holiday blues and the back-to-school hustle steal your energy.

In this post we will talk about the importance of mind-skin connection and how stress can affect your skin. We also will give you some ideas to embrace this new season in a relaxed way.

Skin and mind are tightly connected. Receptors and chemical messengers from the brain and nervous system are in constant contact with our skin cells so they react to mental stimulation and emotions. When we are under stress our body produce various hormones such as adrenalinecortisol and others to help our body boost energy, stay more alert and cope with stress. However, cortisol, also known as stress hormone, can be a risk for our skin if we produce it in excess over a long period as it can make our skin glands segregate more sebum, increase the blood flow leading to redness, break down elastin and collagen, etc. An excess of cortisol can cause some skin alterations (acne, rosacea, psoriasis, skin ageing, and many others) or worsen them, you may have noticed that you break out more when you are under stress.

Innoaesthetics offers different solutions to these skin problems, but it is always better to prevent them.

9 Easy Ideas to Beat Stress

  • Sleep at Least 7 Hours

Our cells regenerate while we sleep, and our brains process all the information received through the day. Sleeping as much as our body requires will reduce stress, improve our health, mood and concentration. Moreover, natural collagen production boosts while we sleep which means natural skin repair.

  • Morning Stretching

Dedicating some time to yourself in the mornings will make you feel more relaxed, stretching at least 10 minutes is definitely a good way to start a new day.

  • Breathing Technique

Some breathing techniques as Pranayama, that literary means extend your life force, are extremely effective against stress and will only take you some minutes a day.

  • Don’t Skip Breakfast

Cortisol levels are higher in the morning to help you deal with the transition from sleeping state to wakefulness.  Eating breakfast will boost your energy and your body will react lowering the cortisol levels.

  • Healthy Diet

A healthy and balanced diet will be reflected on your health, mood and skin. Try to avoid processed food, too much sugar and alcohol. Take it this way, eating healthy is a pleasure not an effort.

  • Spending Time in Nature

It is relaxing and has amazing effects on health so do not forget to take a dose of it once in a while.

  • Relaxing Infusions

Sipping a warm steamy cup of herbal tea is pleasant. There is a huge variety flavors with different properties, and some of them are specifically indicated to reduce stress.

  • Regular Exercise

It is not only extremely good for your physical health and skin, but it also has many mental benefits that will help you beat anxiety.

  • Have a Hobby

Sparing some time for you will make you feel happier and will help you cope better with everyday issues.

You can use a one or a few of these suggestions but the most important is to cultivate a positive mind.

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