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The laboratory history

The key dates to understand the growth and success of INNOAESTHETICS laboratory, a family company of four generations and over 120 years of experience in the medical aesthetic field.


Origin of the laboratory

In 1898 Mr. Antonio Fita Trías, the great grandfather of Fernando Bouffard Ph.D. (current INNOAESTHETICS’ CEO), opens the first pharmacy of the family.


Expansion of the family business

The pharmacy grows and becomes one of the most important pharmacies in Barcelona.


Creation of the laboratory

Thirty-six years later, Mr. Antoni Fita Ramírez, who inherited the same passion as his father, expands the family business.


Pharmaceutical recipe book

He creates a laboratory to develop tailored formulas for doctors who, at that time, had problems finding the right products.


Acceleration of the growth of the company

By the mid-20th century, Mr. Fernando Bouffard Vicente MD, member of the third generation, becomes the Medical Director of the Laboratory. His medical knowledge makes the laboratory stronger and more stable during a demanding period.


Specialization in the dermatological and aesthetic fields

Mr. Fernando Bouffard Fita Ph.D., the son of Mr. Fernando Bouffard Vicente MD, takes over the laboratory. After completing his pharmaceutical studies, Mr. Bouffard works with Doctor J.L Cisneros Vela, pioneer of cosmetic dermatology in Spain. With him, he improves his skills in the development of formulations and how to apply them in the dermatological field.


Commitment to Innovation

Mr. Fernando Bouffard Fita, PhD begins his work as a lecturer sharing his knowledge of cosmetic dermatology worldwide. He meets Mr. Víctor G. Guevara, MD, President of the International Union of the Societies of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME), who begins collaborating with the company by helping to develop innovative medical aesthetic treatments and techniques.


ANESTOP®: The first best-seller of the company

The emergence of new products, techniques and technologies (hyaluronic acids, botulinum toxins, lasers, etc.) creates new needs. The launch of ANESTOP®, the first topical anesthetic treatment on the market, leads the laboratory to great success.


Internationalization of the laboratory

After many years of developing successful formulas for the dermo-cosmetics field under the supervision and guide of Doctor Cisneros, the laboratory decides to internationalize the brand Pro-Medic. The company gains international prestige thanks to products as Mediclean, Mediblock, I.C.P, Kelagel, Hylactive, Redevit A+C, C-Kaderm, among others.


Foundation of INNOSEARCH

The laboratory creates INNOSEARCH brand to develop new formulas and cover new international market needs.


pH formula project

The laboratory develops a new project incorporating the concept of “chemical skin resurfacing” and other key products.


Creation of the Skin Academy Barcelona

Since continuing education has always been a principle of the laboratory, the company creates The Skin Academy to conduct tailored trainings for professionals so they can enhance their knowledge and skills while sharing their experience with other professionals.


Brand consolidation

The laboratory unifies all its product lines  under the brand name INNOAESTHETICS.


Foundation of EXPERTISSE

Creation of a company dedicated to manufacture dermatological and aesthetic medical products for third parties.


ISO certifications

INNOAESTHETICS obtains the ISO 22716:2007 certification to manufacture cosmetic products and the ISO 13485 to design, manufacture and commercialize medical devices.


Launch of MELINE®
First brand specializing in hyperpigmentation

The laboratory R&D department grows and develops new product lines, among them MELINE. The first and only brand in the market that offers depigmenting treatments especially formulated according to the type of hyperpigmentation, skin phototype and the part of the body affected.


GMP cosmetics

INNOAESTHETICS has been awarded the Certificate of Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practice, by the Spanish Ministry of Health.


SMART GPS®: Leading-edge technology

The laboratory develops and registers an exclusive drug delivery system that conveys and releases the active ingredients into a specific group of cells where they have the maximum therapeutic effect.


Expansion of the laboratory pharmaceutical plant

Investment of 5 million euros in the latest technologies and pharmaceutical equipment to increase production capacity and competitiveness.



The laboratory launches an exclusive line formulated with epigenetic active ingredients that prevent and reverse the signs of aging by regulating the gene expression.


The laboratory organizes its first Key Opinion Leaders meeting

An event that brings together all the international experts who collaborate with the laboratory to train thousands of specialists all around the world.


New Website

INNOAESTHETICS launches a new website. More intuitive and appealing, it reflects the evolution of the company and offers a better-quality browsing experience.



INNO-CE®, a new product line of HA fillers and revitalizers

The laboratory launches a new product line of injectable Hyaluronic Acid gels. It is composed of 7 CE marked products, 5 dermal fillers, and 2 skin revitalizers. Formulated at different densities to improve different concerns, they offer an integrated approach to facial rejuvenation.



Creation of the Skin Academy Barcelona

Due to the Covid-19 restrictions that prevent meetings and travel, INNOAESTHETICS creates the Online Skin Academy to keep providing training and support to its clients.


Bodegon Redness

New product lines for specific pathologies

To reinforce its position in the dermatological market, INNOAESTHETICS completes its product portfolio with 5 specific lines for Acne, Facial redness, Xerosis, Hypersensitivity, and Alopecia.

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