Face Fat Reduction treatment

This treatment is aimed at those people who need to lose face fat and create a more harmonious face structure, reducing localized adiposity and improving facial contours.

Properties and results
  • Reduces hypertrophied fat pads.
  • Redistributes the fat tissue.
  • Stimulates toxin and water drainage.
  • Improves the facial contours.
  • Provides a more symmetrical face.
  • Firms the skin.
Professional treatment
This treatment dissolves the fat and stimulates the lymphatic system, thereby promoting the drainage of the tissues. To perform it, the professional will use INNO-TDS® Face Nade, a transdermal solution whose ingredients work in synergy to provide a gradual and sustained lipolytic effect that reshapes the skin tissues without causing laxity. It boosts skin firmness, thus visibly improving the face contour definition.

The treatment plan consists of 4 sessions in-office at 15-day intervals.
The professional should apply INNO-TDS® Face Nade using transdermal therapy.


Get in touch for further information

Get in touch for further information

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