Treatment for facial redness

Specific treatment for facial redness that includes four in-office sessions and a skincare regime at home. It effectively regulates skin microcirculation and prevent inflammation, keeping skin redness under control.

Properties and results
  • Prevent capillary fragility.
  • Protects the vascular endothelium.
  • Improves skin blood flow.
  • Effectively combats inflammation.
  • Strengthens the extracellular matrix.
  • Improves the skin barrier condition.
  • Maintains hydration.
Professional treatment
The treatment involves 4 sessions in-office, alternating a soft chemical peel and a transdermal solution. The peel, INNO-EXFO® Redness, restores the proper condition of the skin barrier, reduces inflammation, tones up the blood vessels, and boosts skin luminosity. The transdermal solution, INNO-TDS®  Redness-ID, strengthens the skin barrier, improves skin microcirculation, and prevents the formation of telangiectasias or vascular spiders.
The intervals between sessions should be determined by the professional according to the patient’s needs and skin tolerance. We provide a treatment schedule for your guidance.

Sensitive skin prone to redness.
4 sessions at 15-day intervals:
Weeks 1-4: INNO-EXFO® Redness Peel.
Weeks 2-6: INNO-TDS®  Redness-ID.

Couperose or rosacea-prone skin.
4 sessions at 7-day intervals (+2 at 15-day intervals):
Weeks 1-3: INNO-EXFO® Redness Peel.
Weeks 2-4: INNO-TDS® Redness-ID.
Some patients may need two additional sessions at 15-day intervals.


Follow up at home
Daily routine composed of 4 products that are essential for controlling and preventing skin redness and vascular spiders.







Get in touch for further information

Get in touch for further information

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