Skin aging is a multi-factorial process that comprises intrinsic and extrinsic factors. Within this framework, intrinsic factors are those processes that take place inside the organism, and extrinsic factors are the damaging elements coming from the outside that amplify the effect of the first ones.

When we talk about photoaging we are not only referring to natural intrinsic processes but to the combination of both processes –intrinsic and extrinsic-.  UV radiation leads to photochemical modifications of DNA, direct photochemical modifications in proteins, formation of free radicals and enzymatic modifications. Cigarettes and pollution cause increase in elastase activity plus increase in metallo-proteinase-1 activity that causes degradation of collagen, collagen crosslinking and reduction of collagen I/III synthesis.

All these effects lead to a severe skin flaccidity problem, formation of deep wrinkles –dynamic or static- apparition of pigmentary lesions, hyperkeratosis and they can even produce malignant lesions. The treatment to use in these cases should be different to the one administered to a patient who suffers chronological skin aging and who hasn’t been exposed to extrinsic factors.

The treatment will be focused in the restitution of dermal tissue, epidermal cell renewal, reduction or elimination of pigmentations, reduction of wrinkles and enhancement of skin elasticity.

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